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Parks & Playgrounds

Fanuel Street Park with playground (0.5mi, 10min walk)

South on Fanuel until it ends at the bay


Pacific Beach Community Park with playground and  tennis courts (0.5mi, 10min walk)

Corner of Felspar and Gresham


Pacific Beach Library with playground (0.6mi, 10min walk)


Mission Bay Park with playground and water sports (2.7mi, 7min drive)

2688 East Mission Bay Drive

(619) 525-8213


Belmont Park (2.4mi, 9min drive)

Belmont Park is a historic oceanfront amusement park with rides, indoor children’s play center, and attractions such as the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, Vertical Plunge, and Bumper Cars.

3145 Mission Blvd

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