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Best Bars in Pacific Beach

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

No matter how accustomed you feel to the Coastal California lifestyle, one thing is certain: the nightlife in Pacific Beach is a must-have experience. After days spent enjoying the Southern California sunshine, there is no better way to wind down than to hit the bars for an ice-cold beverage. Whether your plan for the evening is to find one establishment to set root and relax or to bar hop down the boardwalk with a group of your friends, here are the 9 best bars in Pacific Beach that you must try:

1. Pacific Beach Ale House

Kicking it off with a classic, you can’t go wrong when you visit an old-fashioned alehouse. Pacific Beach Ale House offers its iconic menu of craft beers and cocktails that pair perfectly with their farm-to-table menu, providing the perfect all-in-one stop for dinner and a drink. After hours spent bathing in the San Diego sun, PB Ale House is the ideal spot to cool down with an award-winning brew, and if you time it right, you can even enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean from the comfort of their rooftop bar!

2. Backyard Kitchen and Tap

An All-American hotspot, Backyard Kitchen and Tap is a must-see experience for those who want to explore Californian nightlife while visiting Pacific Beach. Whether you’re looking to grab a casual craft beer on a solo walk with your dog along the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, or your group of friends wants to kick it up a notch and reserve bottle service, there is something for everyone at Backyard.

3. Tavern at the Beach

Referred to by Pacific Beach locals as just “Tavern,” this neighborhood stable gives the vibes of partying in a garage with your friends. With over 30 beers on draft and a claim for the best burger in San Diego, people staying in Pacific Beach vacation rentals must do themselves a favor and check out the selection for themselves. Tavern visitors can enjoy their experience by tuning into a live sports game as they inhale the fresh coastal breeze – suitable for an all-inclusive hangout or a boy’s trip.

4. The Grass Skirt

If you decided to stay in Pacific Beach rentals because of the coastal culture, The Grass Skirt is the best bar to provide that island atmosphere you’re looking for. This secret bar is hidden inside a popular Poke shop, and once you’ve made it inside, you’ll be intrigued by the details of this local oasis. From the stunning interior design that makes you feel immersed in a real-life luau to the decadent variety of exotic cocktails, all are welcome to join in on the fun at The Grass Skirt. Fans of tiki torches, fire pits, and tropical cocktails – don’t miss out on the opportunity to step into the magic of an evening at The Grass Skirt.

5. Mavericks Beach Club

It isn’t true Pacific Beach living if you don’t dedicate at least one visit to Mavericks Beach Club, a multi-story complex with several indoor and outdoor bars right on Pacific Beach. Day and night, this surfer’s hot spot is bustling with groups of all ages, giving a variety of entertainment options, including outdoor games, sports, food, live music, and a dance club. If “fun” is what your group is going for, Mavericks is an experience you can’t miss!

6. Pacific Beach Shore Club

Located conveniently amidst the top places to stay in Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach Shore Club is a key example of what you can expect from a San Diego beach bar. This bar is nothing fancy, but its location right on Pacific Beach makes it the perfect hangout for people to congregate after a day at the beach. If the drinks and location aren’t enough, patrons can even enjoy their fresh menu as they watch a live sports game. Gather your friends and party like you’re in college as you drink and vibe to the energetic atmosphere of the Shore Club.

7. Silver Fox Lounge

You can’t beat the casual experience of Silver Fox Lounge, a dive bar that encourages the day drinking of spiked coffee – or a beer… They don’t judge! Home of the 6 am Club, this dive bar is as classic as it sounds, requiring cash only as they offer a variety of coffees, beers, and cocktails. Acting as a perfect precursor to a beach day or way to wind down in the evening, the Silver Fox is a great opportunity to save some change as you take advantage of the unbeatable happy hour deals. To commit further and elevate your experience to another level, you can even complete the look by purchasing a Silver Fox beanie.

8. Moonshine Beach

This hub is about as close as us Californians will get to a country bar, but even so, Moonshine Beach offers a different take on San Diego nightlife. For fans of energetic dance floors and live music, Moonshine Beach is the perfect spot to create memories with your friends. Known as a Pacific Beach staple, this location can get pretty busy depending on the popularity of the performer, so we recommend checking out their website in advance for ticket availability. The online schedule also provides information about drink specials and line dancing lessons, so people of all experiences can feel at home at Moonshine.

9. Baja Beach Café

What’s a beach bar without a colorful selection of margaritas? You can find the answer at Baja Beach Café, a Pacific Beach waterfront hangout where you can enjoy the sunset with a happy hour beverage in your hand. Whether your group is looking for a bubbly beverage or a tasty brunch, Baja Beach Café covers all of the bases in a one-stop shop, allowing people staying in Pacific Beach to enjoy the area like a local.

When visiting Southern California, make the most of your experience and explore the boardwalk after sundown. Whether you’re taking on the city with your partner, a group of friends, or on a solo-work trip, you can create life-long memories as you navigate nightlife using our guide of the best beach bars in Pacific Beach. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so book your stay with Pacific Beach Luxury Rentals today to plan the vacation of a lifetime.

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